Unbelievable Celebrity Collections

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When you have all the money in the world you can afford investing a small fortune in your favorite hobbies. These next Celebs love to collect and some of their collections are… not what you would expect.

Click next to find out who collects unusual things like Insects, Stuffed Dead Animals, Coat Hangers and who is into vintage toys, Barbie dolls, Handbags and even planes! We promise a surprising adventure.

Mariah Carey – Shoes

Mariah Carey's gigantic walk-in closet was featured in dozens of TV shows and magazine articles due to its massive size (12,000 square feet) but the most amazing part is her shoe collection that includes over 1,000 designer pairs arranged by color and material and in some sections by event type. Although the size of her wardrobe is as of an apartment she still keeps the majority of her treasures in a well-insured storage space.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Action Figures

When he is not busy with saving the planet to working on a film set, Leonardo Dicaprio maintains a large collection of Action Figures and Collectible figures such as vintage "Star Wars" figures, rare "He-Man" figures, "E.T.", "The “A” Team", "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Planet of The Apes". Dicaprio on occasion auctions some of his vintages items as a charitable donation to the " Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation".

Rod Stewart – Model Trains

The British singer is so dedicated to his collection that he can't be parted from it, even when he is on tour. Strangely enough, Stewart books an extra hotel room when he is on the road where he can set up his trains. At home, he builds the models in in his basement, which is bigger than a tennis court and has a huge permanent train set installed with a railroad featuring 100 buildings.

Kiefer Sutherland – Gibson Guitars

Kiefer Sutherland is not just a talented actor he is also a Gibson enthusiast. The current count om his Guitar collection is 48 and they are all kept in a studio he built meant to encourage young people to get into music. Although he does play, he calls himself as a music appreciator rather than a musician. The famous guitar manufacturer created a signature Gibson in his honor, called the Gibson Kiefer Sutherland KS-336.

Johnny Depp – Barbie Dolls

We all know Johnny Depp is an eccentric person by his role selections but his Barbie collection does raise some eyebrows. Depp is said to have a huge room dedicated to his collection where he shares the joy with his children. The collection also includes some rare collector's items and limited editions such as Beyoncé, "High School Musical", Elvis, Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.

Quentin Tarantino – TV Show-Themed Board Games

Tarantino’s love of pop culture is expressed in part by his huge collection of TV Show Themed Board Games. His collection holds hundreds of variations of the classic board games and he keeps them organized by genre. His Favorites games are "Dawn of the Dead", "The Dukes of Hazzard", "Universe" and "Platoon" which he played with Oliver Stone in one of his epic game nights.

Amanda Seyfried – Taxidermy

This one is a bit surprising. The angelic-looking actress Amanda Seyfried is into collecting Taxidermy. Who would have thought? Taxidermy is the preservation of an animal's body via stuffing. In plain words… She is into dead animals. Seyfried declares she is an animal lover and this form of art keeps their spirit alive and beautiful.

Tom Hanks – Typewriters

Tom Hanks started collecting typewriters in the 1970s and since then has been acquiring over 200 manual typewriters, which he uses often in his correspondence. Hanks is so much into the old-fashion typing that in 2014 he launched his own iPad app called "The Hanx Writer" that allows users to simulate the typewriter experience on their tablet.

Nicole Kidman – Judean Coins

Hollywood's Sweetheart Nicole Kidman has an unusual collection of ancient Judean coins. There aren't many of these coins around the world, therefore, we can bet Kidman spends a lot of time and money locating these rare objects. Coin collecting is considered an old-fashioned hobby which in a way clashes with her other hobby, playing video games.

John Travolta – Planes

Probably one of the most expensive collections to have but for John Travolta the sky is (not) the limit. Not only he owns 7 planes (worth roughly $50 million), he is also a certified pilot and had built 2 runways and a huge hangar for his jets on his $12 million Florida home property, making it into a functional airport.

Demi Moore – Vintage Dolls

Actress Demi Moore owns an estimated collection of over 2,000 fine porcelain vintage dolls and a huge dollhouse to store them. Moore's Ex-Husband, Ashton Kutcher, told in an interview that the dolls are present in every section of the house and it used to freak him out. We can't say we blame him.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Children Books

Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer)  is an avid collector of classic children's literature. SMG has a complete collection of first-edition Arthur Rackham illustrations, "The Little Engine that Could", "The Giving Tree", "Goodnight Moon" and the "Harry Potter" book series all in first editions. Her collecting goal is to own every single first edition book of Dr. Seuss.

Angelina Jolie – Knives

Not entirely unexpected, Angelina Jolie collects knives. Her mother gifted her with her first knife (a dagger to be exact) when she was 12 years old and started the collection from there. Jolie is extremely skilled with her butterfly knife and is a big fan of Samurai swords. Since Jolie has an actual armory in her house we don't think she should worry about robbery insurance.

Penelope Cruz – Coat Hangers

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz collects coat hangers and has a vast collection of non-metal varieties, reportedly owning more than 500 types. It is an odd choice of a collection, that's true but we will chuck it up to her love for fashion. Much like most actresses, Cruz has a giant walk-in closet with some very expensive items.

Claudia Schiffer – Insects

When you think of a supermodel like Claudia Schiffer you won't necessarily think of Insects but the gorgeous bombshell is obsessed with creepy crawlies. Her home is filled with images of different bugs and she is extremely drawn to clothing outfits with insects prints and bug-shaped jewelry. Her favorite creatures are spiders.

Elton John – Sun Glasses

Elton John has practically trademarked his sunglasses-wearing persona and he has a huge collection of hundreds of multi-colored sunnies. At Elton John’s English estate, special wooden shelves were built to showcase the singer’s astonishing collection of sunglasses, which he has been collecting since the mid-1970s.

Beyonce – Handbags

Queen B is all about the bags, it is her favorite accessory and she is rarely seen with the same one. There are dozens of blogs dedicated to capturing Beyonce's ever-growing collection of top designer brands that include some ultra-rare editions like her famous Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag worth over $45,000. Her collection is estimated at 300 bags each cost starts at $1000. Who needs a savings account when you have an army of handbags?

Pharrell Williams – Contemporary Art

Hip-hop star and producer Pharrell Williams home is filled with contemporary art, including some bold pieces by artists Kidrobot, KAWS and Takashi Murakami.Williams is a huge fan of contemporary sculptors and painters and has an impressive collection of over 700 Art Toys that were displayed in "This is not a toyexhibition at the Design Exchange in Toronto.

Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche Cars

Many celebrities are car collectors but not many commit to just one brand. Comedian superstar Jerry Seinfeld has a deep appreciation to Porsche cars, so much so that he had once owned the biggest collection of Porsche in the world with 47 cars. His record-breaking collection lost its status after Seinfeld sold 17 of his cars in a charity auction in 2016, but don't worry, he still has 30 left to pay car insurance on.

Jay Leno – Car & Bikes

Jay Leno is one of the world's biggest comedians and talk-show hosts and he is known world-wide for his passion for any motor-running vehicle. With a massive collection of 169 cars and 117 motorcycles, Leno has raised the bar for vehicle collecting as every item in his collection is either rare, vintage or custom-made. To avoid high insurance costs Leno built his own high-tech garage with top of the line security system.

Paris Hilton – Denim

The famous heiress is known for her extensive collection of Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and Jewelry as she has been the target of numerous high-profile robberies in the past. Paris admits to having a special soft spot for Denim items and has over 200 ultra-short miniskirts and overly embellished low-cut jeans. Her favorites are Frankie B, JNCO, True Religion, Juicy Couture and Von Dutch.

Rachel Zoe – Shoes

The famous fashion designer and TV personality, Rachel Zoe has an obsession with footwear, mostly high heel shoes and has over 700 (!!) pairs of designer shoes in every style and color. Her massive collection has its own room (of course) filled with stocked shelves and almost the entire floor is covered in an army-like formation of her many pairs.

Kate Moss – Handbags

Supermodel Kate Moss has a strong passion for expensive handbags and she organizes them according to color and size. Moss has over 100 handbags that include 28 Louis Vuitton bags and other expensive brands such as a few Yves Saint Laurent Bags, Mulberry Bayswater Bags, Hermes Birkin bags and much more. Each of her bags is estimated at around $3,000.

Rosie O'Donnell – Happy Meal Toys

Actress and comedian Rosie O'Donnell has a huge toy collection, including over 2,500 pieces of McDonald's Happy Meal prizes. O'Donnell started her collection in the 80's and been a dedicated toy collector ever since. Her living room is decorated with stacked shelves featuring her favorite items.

Simon Cowell – Cars

When you are one of the richest men in the world you can afford developing an expensive hobby such as collecting exorbitant cars. Cowell owns 25 luxury cars, a Race Kart & a Quad Bike. The estimated amount for his collection is around $20 million not including car insurance rates and the price for the huge garage he built in order to store his fleet.

Harrison Ford – Planes

Another aviation fan in our list is Hollywood legend, Harrison Ford, Owning 8 different aircrafts worth over $28 million. Ford is a long-time certified pilot and his collection runs from a Bell 407 helicopter to a Cessna 680 Soveregin, a long-range-transcontinental jet that can seat 12 passengers.

Madonna – Art

Madonna’s legendary art collection include some serious names such as Picasso, Hopper, Kahlo, Leger, Dali, Man Ray, Hirst and Tamara de Lempicka. Madonna employs an art adviser along with a financial advisor to help her manage her $100 million collection and keep it secure.

Shaquille O'Neal – Superman

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal is obsessed with all things Superman, starting with his Man of Steel logo tattoo to his gigantic circular bed with a Superman logo. Shaq is also a "Superman Hall of Heroesinductee and often seen wearing Superman T-shirts.

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