This Artist Used Disney Princesses To Illustrate The Joys Of Becoming A Mother

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Anna Belenkiy (aka Annabell Illustration) is an artist experiencing being pregnant for the first time and shares her journey with her followers using Disney Princesses and some hilarious everyday moments as part of her project “Real-life princesses”

“Before getting pregnant I assumed that pregnancy is so glamorous and magical covered with fairy dust but to be honest, for me it is a much different experience than I imagined, mostly funny and surreal so I decided to create a special series about the truth behind the pregnancy process.”

It all begins with a fantasy, just like any other…

“This incredible and magical moment that you realize you about to create a new life and bring it to this world is one of a kind and Mulan decided to surprise Shang Lee for Christmas with a super unique present. Congratulations to the future Mommy and Daddy.”

 Then comes the big announcement and the losing of all manners:

“I’m really excited to share with you some news: I am pregnant!!!

“Belle forgot all her french manners while craving some french fries, as did I… who knew fried food can bring out the Beast in you?”

Jumping into real talk territory:

“So I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room: 

I imagined my pregnancy real gentle and magical, no one prepared me for the fact that I’m gonna be a huge gas balloon without any control over it so I’m here to tell you the whole truth about it, at this point, I can definitely say that the romance is gone”

Next, a relatable moment to all moms-to-be:

“Morning sickness that continues all day long is a huge part of my daily life as a pregnant woman. My dearest husband decided to capture this "precious" moment on video in order to show it to our child in the future. So thank you for this unforgettable capture.”

This one is for the dads:

‘Today we discovered the gender of the baby and the father started crying. Isn't that adorable?! I wanted to dedicate this illustration to all the sensitive daddies, you are the best!”

First moments:

Mulan and Shang lee decided to celebrate super romantic valentine's Day, but the upcoming baby warrior had a different plan for their romantic date. This illustration was inspired by my baby first kicks.”

No More Skinny Pants:

“Oh god, I just realized that all of my pants no longer fit and, since we in lockdown there is no place to buy new pants, so until my online orders arrive I’m stuck!”

God damn, it is hard to be pregnant in a lockdown. To portray my feelings I illustrated princess Tiana struggling with her pants.”

Pregnancy glow they said:

“They said pregnancy makes you glow and pretty, glow and pretty my ass !!! It looks like I haven't slept for ages. When I look at the mirror she screams back at me and begs me to stop! and what is the deal with all the pimples? I had less when I was a teenager! Only Ariel Feels my pregnancy pain”

Stop crying your eyes out…

“What the hell is wrong with me? Can it be fixed?! I find myself hysterically crying about everything! My tears can fill a bathtub. I decided to capture the moment of me and my husband and illustrate us as Cinderella and her prince as a day in my life (FML)”

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